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    1500ism is a non-quadrant culturally right ideology that wants to return to 1500 and the 16th century (and abolish everything under 522 years old), along with their historical culture, technology, languages, etc. and the Renaissance. As the Enlightenment historically lasted from 1685 to 1815, it opposes (and wants to reverse the effects of) that intellectual and philosophical movement in favor of old-fashioned Renaissance and medieval things. 1500ism can also be considered a more extreme version of 1600ism due to this.


    1500ism will often have the personality of a 1500s Spanish conquistador that loves colonizing and discovering foreign lands. It also speaks Shakespearean English instead of late modern English, as it believes the latter is an 18th century invention designed to destroy traditional English culture.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a blue ball (#6464a8)
    • Draw 2 white eyes (#FFFFFF)
    • Draw a grey morion or a black and red Landsknecht hat and you’re done!




    • Medievalism - Coequal though you’re a dram too extreme f'r me, you’re still one of mine own most wondrous cater-cousins because the Enlightenment did suck!
    • Paleoconservatism - Thee wanteth to pres'rve culture from liketh 100 years ago, but what about 450 years ago?
    • Tellurocracy - Wherefore thee not liketh ov'rseas Spanish colonization yond much?


    • 1600ism - Thou hast started the Enlightenment and ruined my life, progressive!
    • 1700ism and 1800ism - You guys are also a product of the Enlightenment!
    • Anarcho-Entertainment - Hey! Please stop using that strange 📱 phone for the internet and go outside! Thy weird websites are rotting your 🧠 brain!
    • Caelumcracy - Timeth to throweth thy no more brain than stone ✈ airplanes in the ocean! *tries to throw one before Blue Environmentalism stops him and makes him sigh* Guesseth I'll tryeth smashing those folk with Landsknecht pikes instead!
    • ⚡ Electricity in general 🔌 - One of the worst Enlightenment inventions I've ev'r seen!
    • Enlightenment - I dare thee to a colonial duel!
    • Gamerism - Yeeeeeeah... video games art too technological f'r mine own tastes. Europa Univ'rsalis IV is the most wondrous video game ev'r! Grant you mercy f'r all the mem'ries and colonization!
    • Industrialism - Nay way, too much technology!
    • Post-2000ism - Fie! Cometh h're and englut mine own coxcomb, thee distemperate blinking idiot!


    Further Information


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