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    1200ism is a non-quadrant culturally right ideology that wants to return to 1200 and the 13th century (and abolish everything under 723 years old), along with their historical culture, technology, languages, etc. and later stages of the Crusades. 1200ism can also be considered a more extreme version of 1300ism due to this.

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    • 1300ism - No more Renaissance thought is good, but why stop there?
    • Crusadism - DEUS VULT! (GOD WILLS!)
    • Khanism - Genghis Khan is my idol! 1206 never forget!
    • Medievalism – Based as always; reject the Renaissance.
    • Nomadism - Praise Genghis Khan!


    • 1600ism – Even though you're extremely moderate and advanced, returning to the 1600s seems like a good start!
    •  Metbolism - Thou art somewhat based, but thou gotta R E A C T!


    • 1700ism - You're not resurrecting the Enlightenment that easily, are you?
    • 1800ism - This is what being Enlightened does to a sane human being!
    • Caelumcracy - Planes are for weaklings! *proceeds to commit a Genghis Khan on your ✈ airplane collection*
    • Post-2000ism - What in the name of-


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