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    Flag of 09Aism

    O9Aism is the ideology of the neo-Nazi and satanist group Order Of Nine Angles. Of course, it has Satanism as it's main religion. It believes that cosmic evolution is guided by alternating Aeonic energies, and that history is divided into Multiple Aeons. It believes as well, that it is the destiny of the aryan race to colonize the milky way galaxy. He views Hitler (Some specific groups influenced by the 09A view Osama bin Laden as taking such a role instead however) as as sent from the 09A's gods, and Nazi Germany as a "practical expression of Satanic spirit". Like Faust.png Faustianism, he believes that western civilization as inherently faustian, however believes it was ruined by a "Magan/Narazene" distortion of western civilization brought upon by the jews, AKA Judeo-christianity, believing it brought Cap.png Capitalism, Communism.png communism, Humanismpix.png humanism, RacismIcon.png anti-racism, and Democr.png democracy upon this world. He believes that was brought as a fight against what will supposedly happen in the sixth and final aeon where a militaristic government called the "Imperium" is established to rule western civilization and the supposed aryan race colonises the Milky Way, after a period of chaos. The (most of) 09A associates with Jihad.png jihadist groups, anarchist groups that use extreme violence, and neo-nazi terrorist groups to disrupt society as much as possible and views rape, human sacrifice, and other atrocities as beneficial.




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