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    Omega is the final form of Kak.png Kakistocracy while being the hyper-ideology for it as well. It is extremely large and survives by eating other ideologies. Unlike other forms of Kakistocracy, there is no centralized power structure of hierarchy; it is complete and utter anarchy. It was created from a smorgasbord of the stupidest ideologies on the entire Anarchy, including various self-inserts, Reddit-based ideologies, contradictory ideologies (i.e it has influences from both Ingsocf.png Ingsoc and Ego.png Egoism, which are polar opposites (don’t ask how) and the entire Kakistocracy family. It also takes influences from a convoluted and extremely inbred source of influences, an example being that it has both Uberkak.png Uber-Kakistocracy and MiniWholesome.png Wholesome 100ism as influences (those two ideologies share a relative, therefore making Omega inbred). This extreme combining of ideologies therefore made an ideology so dense and stupid that its cranium literally contains a black hole that has consumed any grey matter that might have been there.


    Since Omega is so utterly retarded, it has no way to actually follow or execute its own ideology, much less spread it onto others. This means that it has no beliefs to speak of; stupidity IS its belief. It was apparently created by a freak accident conducted by Nigermanism - alt.png (REDACTED)manism, who sought to create the ultimate ideology by fusing a massive number of polcompballs together, including some Hyper-Ideologies. It went wrong when the forbidden ideology Senate.png Senatorialism was added into the volatile mix of self-inserts, Kakistocrats and off-compass ideologies. The machinations of the accident itself are as follows; by itself, Senatorialism is harmless, assuming the form of a squid, but it also has the uncanny ability to fuse with any given ideology, making the target’s beliefs so extremely radical that it completely breaches the compass and are only contained by the Omni-Ideologies; Omni Hive Blue.png Omni-Hive File:Omni Hive Red.png (AuthLeft), Omni Force Orange.png Omni-Force (AuthRight), Omni Sin Green.pngOmni-Sin (LibRight) and Omni Free Pink.pngOmni-Free (LibLeft). Now that Senatorialism had the opportunity to fuse with some of the most powerful and unholy ideologies on the entire Anarchy, you better believe that it took advantage of its situation. The result of this mass-merger/assimilation was the absolute Eldritch Abomination of an ideology; Omega. The excess energy released by this unholy amalgamation was the catalyst for the Big Bang, which then turned into a universe. (REDACTED)manism did not want anybody in the Anarchy to know about this, so it banished Omega into this new universe for all eternity. Now with Omega imprisoned in the new universe, (REDACTED)manism reset the timeline with the help of Momentism.png Momentism and erase the cataclysmic event from Anarchy memory.


    Omega is so dense that it literally takes on the properties of a black hole. It does not have the gravity of one, but anything that even touches Omega on accident will be basically vored by it. Its gargantuan frame is supported by a merged cluster of singularities at the center; one for each of its influences. This massive concentration of singularities completely defies the laws of physics, forcing all polcompballs that have been eaten by it to be ejected into higher dimensions, where even the Hyper-Ideologies have no say. This cluster of singularities is not the only unorthodox thing inside of Omega; there is also a black hole inside of a black hole where Omega’s brain should be. This black hole has infinite weight, ensuring that it will never decay. Other than that, it is just a normal black hole.


    Omega does not have a personality. Much like Ingcock.png Ingcock, it floats around, terrorizing people and consuming them. At base, it is the combined chaotic nature of all of its influences, which devolves into unintelligible slurry due to the forced presence of contradictions, other hyper-ideologies and self-inserts. Since it doesn’t have a personality, it cannot have relationships, either. Instead, it keeps his character traits trapped in the singularities that fuel it.

    Singularities (Ideologies that all are a part of Omega, sorted from A to Z)

    File:Absurdism.png Absurdism
    File:Ahsball.png r/AHSism
    Airisu.png Airisuism
    AnNecro.png Anarcho-Necrocracy AnNecro-Ghost.png
    Anarcho-Darwinism II
    Autodale.png Autodaleism
    BigCon.png The C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.
    Bingusg.png Bingusgender Jingoism

    BrutalismIdeology.png Brutalism
    Bull Moose Progressivism.png Bull-Moose Progressivism
    Burgersys.png Burgerdian System
    Burgsys.png Burgundian System
    Chimp.png Silly-Chimpism
    File:Chungism.png Heinrich-Chungusism File:WholesomeNazcap.png
    File:Circlejerk.png Circlejerkism
    Cogggitatism.png Cogitattism
    Communalist.png Communalism

    Conquestalism.png Conquestalism
    DenMod.png Denatian Model
    File:Discordianism.png Discordianism
    Ego-nihil.png Ego-Nihilism
    Ego.png Egoism
    Falgsc.png FALGSC
    Fash.png Fascism
    Fiat.png F.I.A.T
    Floppagender Jingoism
    Free Party
    File:Gaea.png Ring of Gaea
    Galactimp.png Galactic Imperialism
    Greenminpcb.png Green Minarchism
    Heinsoc.png HeinSoc
    File:Hive-mind collectivism.png Hive-Mind Collectivism
    Hornyaltruicon.png Horny Altruism
    InfHiveMindIcon2.png Infinitive Hive-Mind Collectivism
    Ingcock.png Ingcock
    Ingsocf.png IngSoc
    Kak.png Kakistocracy
    Kirakween.png Kira Kween Thought
    Lpyapersonicon.png Lpyapersonism

    METBOL.png Metbolism
    File:Messiah.png Order of Messiah
    File:Michael.png Michaelism


    Nacc.png N-Word Accelerationism
    Nazcaptransh.png Heinrich-Cheungism
    Nullball.png Nullism
    OMG Fascismball.png OMG FASCISMBALL
    File:OOCERepub.png Republicanism (OOCE)
    Oofit icon.png Oofitism
    Papper.png Papperism
    Plen.png Plenderplarism
    Primal Primitivism
    Proto-Papperism.png Proto-Papperism

    Unbanmeball.png Sabkvism
    File:SavageGrannySmithism-icon.png Savage Granny Smithism
    Senate.png Senatorialism
    File:Separat.png Separatism (OOCE)
    File:Soulism.png Soulism
    StrasserPac.png Strasserist Pacifism
    Subgenius.png Subgenius
    Vegan Anarchism
    File:Wholesome.png Wholesome 100ism
    Caloric.png Caloricism


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