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    Žižekianism is a political ideology, based on Slavoj Žižek, that is characterized by the advocation of Antideo.png anti-ideology, but considering people cannot live without ideologies, and it also advocates utopic communism, considering that it is possible to realize a fast transition to a communist state without so much problems and even turn the whole world into communist if people want. Žižekianism is also considered a a moderate form of Soul.png Soulism.


    Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian philosopher & a researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana.


    Studies: Marxism, ontology, political theory, psychoanalysis

    cultural studies, film theory, theology German idealism & dialectic

    Notable ideas: Interpassivity Over-identification, Ideological fantasy

    (ideology as an unconscious fantasy that structures reality), Revival of dialectical materialism

    Personality and Behaviour

    • He likes dialectical materialism but criticizes mainstream marxist leninism for its strict views on doctrine.
    • He detests liberals seeing them as culturally obsessed ideologues who often ignore the economics of politics.
    • He has a sniffing problem & often interrupts himself mid sentence by sniffing which is seen as funny by others.

    How to Draw



    • Hegel.png Hegelianism - Quite interesting *shnif* i like this *shnif*


    • Petersonism.png Petersonism - A good debate opponent even if still a capitalist *shnif*


    • Lib.png Liberalism - Hey leeberal *shnif* where did you get your ideeology? The ideeology *shnif* shupermarket!?

    Further Information



    "Most memed leftist" What about Michael Rosen or Danny Devito?

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