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    Ğational Socialism (or Ğazism),is an ideology that was created by an edgy kid thinking hating the jews makes him cool.

    It is an economically variable and culturally far right Statist ideology.


    Early beginings of Ğ:

    At first Ğ was just a few people spamming Ğ the reason for that was because of the Discord user RIZABABA45 who saw someone accidently type Ğ in the comments but then it turned into a cult

    The Ğ Cult:

    After a few days Ğ has turned into a cult and the cult wasnt doing any weird things,well that is if we exclude the fact that this is a cult there was nothing weird going on but then...........

    War with E:

    After some time E has been growing stronger to stop it the member of the cult Fat Devil Bread has decieded the start a war after the councils aproovel the war has started.

    The stalemate:

    The war wasnt going anywhere the loses were alot for both sides so the treaty of ĞÆE was signed

    The WEĞĞmar Republic:

    WEĞĞmar Republic was just a combination of E and Ğ to insure peace between the biggest letter cults but the head of the Ğ council,Fat Devil Bread had a totally diffrent idea

    The Creation of Ğational Socialist Ğerman Ğeich:

    "u are gay lol get rekt niĞĞ-boy"

    -The Ğational Socialist Ğerman Ğeich announcing that they have left the union

    The Ğ cult member Fat Devil has started to change ever since he learned that he can say the n-word to compenstate for the lack of his ability to meme so his slow descent into the alt right has begun and he turned their little meme into the fucking 3rd reich


    Ğational Socialism believes that hating the jEws and blEcks makes him cool and there is an ethnic cleansing of those said races


    He is a bisexual femboy cuck degenerate who thinks hating jEws and blEcks makes him cool.He also likes autistic people just like him

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw the WW2 Reichskriegsflagge but with blue instead of the red and a Ğ instead of a swastika
    3. Add the eyes


    • Add an SS officer hat or an Mp40
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Some type of Blue idk im lazy to google it 0,0,222 #0000de
    Some type of black idk im lazy 5, 5, 5 #050505

    File:Ğational Socialist Ğerman Ğeich.png
    The flaĞ


    Best Friend:

    • Anrcho nazi - we are both autistic and edgy alt rightists


    • National Socialism - SieĞ HeiĞ!!!!
    • Fascism - Ğeine Ğrandpa
    • Alt Rightism - A degenerate cuck that is worse than the jews but not in a bad way (legit tho if hitler saw one of you guys he would let the jews get out of the camps just so he could put more or you guys in there the same thing could be said about me)
    • BurĞundian SĞstem - Very weird i cant believe how he managed to be more autistic than me this invertabrate needs help but not in a bad way too bad your other parent doesnt aproove you
    • Autism - Im an Autistic Supremacist and beside retards always better than everything else
    • Alt-Right Femboyism - this is just Alt-Right but with a more honest name
    • Alt-Furry - same as Alt-Right Femboyism
    • Sexocracy - i sure do love saying "sex" to compensate for my lack of ability to meme



    • Marxist-Leninism - cuck degenerate that played a huge part in the death of my dad and stop believing that its a good ideology its just propoganda Jospeh Goebbels is the only person that says the truth and never makes propoganda
    • Anarcho anything else - cuck degenerate just like the ML they will be the next one to go to the camps after im done with the jEws and blEcks
    • Communalism - cuck faggot pls kill this guy
    • Any person with an iq above -2 - you will be the second one to go jEw boy
    • "Anarcho"-cApItAlIsM - this man would slap his own ass during sex.........oh wait nevermind first off he is a 5 year old kid and secondly he doesnt have sex he instead dies of prostate cancer in his mothers basement while jerking off to Cuties
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