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    'Muricanism believes in complete endorsment of all things America. It isn't so much an ideology of a country (But it can be ahem 2016), it's more an ideology of many americans

    Personality and behaviour

    He acts similarly to usa-ball in countryball comics, except now he tries pushing his culture in other balls's faces even more

    How to draw

    1. Draw an American ball with sunglasses
    2. Write "FQ YEA" with orange on it, except for sunglasses where it's pink
    3. You're done



    Usa - Americaaaaa ... Americaaaaaaa, 'Murica FUCK YEA!

    NeoConservatism - Comin' again to save the mother'fuckin' day yea!

    Usa - 'Murica FUCK YEA!

    Libertarianism - Freedom is the only way yea

    Police-Statism - terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer to

    Usa - 'Murica FUCK YEA

    Sex Anarchism - So lick my butt, and suck on my balls

    Usa - 'Murica FUCK YEA

    NeoConservatism - What you gonna to do when we come for you now


    Lipostocracy - McDonalds, FUCK YEA

    Corporatocracy - Wal-Mart, FUCK YEA

    Corporatocracy - The Gap, FUCK YEA

    Anarcho-Sports - Baseball, FUCK YEA

    Anarcho-Sports - NFL, FUCK YEA

    Anarcho-Music - Rock and roll, FUCK YEA

    Info-Anarchism - Internet, FUCK YEA

    Imperialism - Slavery, FUCK YEA


    Corporatocracy - Starbucks, FUCK YEA

    Corporatocracy - Disney world, FUCK YEA

    Sex Anarchism - Porno, FUCK YEA

    Idk - Valium, FUCK YEA

    Anarcho-Sports - Reeboks, FUCK YEA

    Sex Anarchism - Fake tits, FUCK YEA

    Lipostocracy - Sushi, FUCK YEA

    Lipostocracy - Taco Bell, FUCK YEA

    Ram Ranch Modelism - Rodeos, FUCK YEA

    Bed bath and beyond! (fuck yea, fuck yea)

    Libertarianism - Liberty, FUCK YEA

    idk - White slips Fuck yea

    Texas - The Alamo, FUCK YEA

    Health and safety - Band-aids, FUCK YEA

    Anarcho-Gambling - Las-Vegas, FUCK YEA

    Gift Economy - Christmas, FUCK YEA

    8ball - Immigrants, FUCK YEA

    Illegalism - Columbine, FUCK YEA

    Conservatism - Democrats, FUCK YEA

    Authoritarian Capitalism - Republicans (republicans) (fuck yea, fuck yea)

    Anarcho-Sports - Sportsmanship

    Anarcho-Bookism - Books?


    If you on hate America, America will come for you


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