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    The $₪illi$t $oci€t¥ (alternatively the Shill Society) is a self insert unity of various ideologies that oppose Free-PolCompBall and make fun of the users associated with FPCB. This ideology includes influence from Afunhumaninter, Avata, Nguyenreich, and others.


    It hold's no real serious concrete beliefs due to the nature of the Shill Society being one of mutual happenstance than one of legitimate ideological agreement, however it does believe that FPCB and its associates (either banned or still on) are stupid and should be made fun of for the pleasure of the shill society.

    Origin of the Name

    The Shill Society was a name coined by user Afun, who suggested that we name this self insert fusion as the "$hill Society". Avata agreed and added the shekel, euro, and yen symbols (as well as the second dollar sign) to the words. The term shill as relating to the society came from an UNPERSONED user who would refer to conservatives who rallied for the PCB Council or progressive policies as "$hills" or "Con. Inc".

    How to Draw and Stuff

    How to Draw

    The Balls

    Main Design

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Hat & Left Bow Half Black #0f0f0f 15, 15, 15
    Hat Stripe Aquamarine #00ffbb 0, 255, 187
    Middle Bow Orange #fb6600 251, 102, 0
    Furry Nguy Pink #ff00ff 255, 0, 255
    Avata Plum #630055 99, 0, 85
    Red #ff0000 255, 0, 0
    Polfax Brown #2e180b 46, 24, 11
    Afun Blue #3f48cc 63, 72, 204
    Dark Plum #420039 66, 0, 57
    Dark Afun Blue #2e3593 46, 53, 147
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Flag Pole Brown #b56734 181, 103, 52
    Pole Topper Yellow #efe4b0 239, 228, 176
    Flag Green #22b14c 34, 177, 76
    Flag Pink #ffaec9 255, 174, 201
    Hard Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Krab Glitch Grey #373737 55, 55, 55

    1. Draw the ball and hat in Hard Black
    2. Draw Ears, color in with Furry Nguy Pink & White
    3. Add the Aquamarine Stripe to the area right above the hat brim
    4. Draw the bow covering part of the hat, fill in the left half of the bow and the rest of the hat with Hat Black
    5. Fill in the middle section of the bow with Middle Bow Orange
    6. Fill any remaining part of the bow in with white
    7. Trisect the ball diagonally like Ego-Communism
    8. Fill in the north-west most section with Avata Plum
    9. Fill the middle stripe with red
    10. Fill the south-east most section with Polfax Brown
    11. Draw the AnDist dog with Middle Bow Orange in the Polfax Brown section
    12. Draw the centerpiece to Afun's Alt design (a circle with a rifle and flag in the middle) in Afun Blue
    13. Draw the "injured eye" where the balls right eye should be, make any color inside the injured area noticably darker than the original color
    14. Fill in the injured area with Dark Plum and Dark Afun Blue where necessary
    15. Draw the Flag, fill in the flag itself with Flag Green, the topper with Topper Yellow, and the pole with Pole Brown (optional)
    16. Draw the polish falangism symbol on the flag, with a band of Afun Blue and Flag Pink about where the "arm" and "sword" meet (optional)
    17. Draw the tail (optional) if you have also made the flag, make the tail curl around the flagpole
    18. Include non-obstructive glitches around the ball and on it in Krab Glitch Grey
    The Shill Flag

    Secondary Design

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Wheat Yellow #fffb00 255, 251, 0
    Forest Green #298c00 41, 140, 0
    Hot Pink #d500cc 213, 0, 204
    High Eye Red #eb9494 235, 148, 148
    Hard Black #000000 0, 0, 0

    1. Draw the ball
    2. Bisect it horitzontally
    3. Fill in the top half with Wheat Yellow
    4. Fill in the bottom with Forest Green
    5. Draw the Israeli Shekel symbol in the middle with Hot Pink
    6. Fill in the eyes with High Eye Red
    The Other Shill Flag

    The Flag

    Apply the same rules for the balls as seen above, except remove any accessories (like the hat, eyes and injuries relating, flag, etc)

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