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    !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism, better known as Amolism is a far right ideology inaugurated by !!a!!m!!o!!l!!. It merges the ideas of Burgundian System and Cosmological Esoteric Fascism with Medievalism, while being more expansionist and WAY too extreme/off compass. It advocates for nuclear weapon usage, and it is used for any inferior/enemy groups, organization, foundation, and nations. It also supports Christianity and Catholicism, in which it is the main religion. Unlike the Burgundian System, it does not support any supremacy containing race. Its goal is to gain as much military defenses and conquer the galaxy. Possibly even the multiverse.




    !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism uses a semi-regulationist system to prevent monopolies, but the government only intervenes in major occurrences.


    Believe it or not, !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism desires for the citizens to have a good life, however surveillance is also used against them.

    How to Draw

    Default Design

    Flag of !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism
    1. Make a black countryball (NOT RACIALLY)
    2. Add 2 white stripes, parallel from each other
    3. Add another 2 white stripes, but thinner
    4. Fill it with red in-between the thicker 2 white stripes
    5. Add the eyes
    6. Add hat (Optional)
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Red #7f112e 127, 17, 46
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


    True Compeers




    • 『Illustranazism』 - Would've been higher if you weren't a fake socialist. You also support democracies, which I don't like.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Your surveillance and police stats are correct, but everything else is wrong. DEATH TO BRAZILIAN LIBERALISM!

    Literally Garbage



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