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    "Doubleplusf*ck Fandom!"


    Ich bin sehr neu in Fandom selbst und da dieses Wiki am besten zu meinen Hobbys passt, werde ich es mit geringem Aufwand-OC-Müll (den ich für anständig halte, wenn ich es mache) spammen, bis ich Gud bekomme. Du kannst mich nicht aufhalten. Einige Dinge, die Sie über mich wissen sollten, sind, dass ich nicht gut zeichnen kann (der einzige Grund, warum meine Symbole etwas anständig aussehen, sind Dritte) und ich kann ziemlich gut schreiben. Ich neige auch dazu, AuthCenter-fokussierte Ideologien zu entwickeln. Jetzt, da ich die Grundlagen von Fandom kenne, hoffe ich, mich in der Rangliste nach oben zu kämpfen und hoffentlich ein Mod zu werden. Das wird eine Weile dauern, aber ich bin hoffnungsvoll. Unterstützt derzeit Angrybirdstd und Metbol im Kampf gegen Airisu. Außerdem bin ich asexuell. Hier sind meine InfValues (ich habe das unironisch genommen):


    Please note that I am pretty isolationist, the test based it primarily on how I would react to a foreign invasion/aggression.

    On the subject of being a Wehraboo


    Yes, I was totally radicalized by Wolfenstein.

    Irrelevant Garbage


    • Creating hyperauthoritarian ideologies that I stupidly think are practical.
    • Ripping on everyone’s favorite beta Vaush.
    • Hedgewick comics that rip on rabid SJW trancels.
    • The entire Auth section of the compass, even the moderates.
    • LibRight sometimes.


    • Reddit jannies.
    • r/AHS.
    • All of the Airisuists (except mine).
    • Hedgewick comics that rip on Jews for no specific reason.
    • Anti-Semitism.
    • The entire LibLeft quadrant.
    • Seething Jadies (portmanteau of Janny and Jade).
    • Bingusgender “people”. Floppa is the only real gender.

    My Favorite Quotes (Video Games/Media)

    • “What are you people doing in there?”
    • ”It’s been so long since I’ve practiced my English. It’s a dying tongue.”
    • ”Help me make a choice, Captain. Which one of these two varieties would best support my research? I have...inadequate room for samples. Should you decline my appeal, I will put the scalpel to both of them and we will be here all day! I’ll make matters simple; all you need to do is look to the one that you will have me dissect.”
    • ”We share the same name, you and I. William, Wilhelm...but, you call me Deathshead! I don’t like it. I am a happy man, you see? It doesn’t sound right in English. Say it correctly; TOTEN...KOPF!”
    • “In my line of work, it is easy to be tempted, to sense compassion. We must learn that this is pointless instinct, not fit for the master race.”
    • ”What are you doing in there? An old friend come to visit? I haven’t had... a visitor like you in a long time”
    • “Yes, I know you. We have met before. I think today, we meet for the last time. Captain Blazkowicz! Still fighting after all these years. I remember...your friend. I savor his memory. Do you remember him? ... All you people peddle is death and destruction. I ask you to consider, that in the end we will be! Judged! Not by what we have destroyed, but what we have created.”
    • “Can you grasp the splendor of it? The intelligence of the human brain...amalgamated...with the efficiency and obedience of the machine!”
    • “You perplex me, Captain, but you do not SCARE me!”
    • ”Ah, like Prometheus, I steal fire from the Gods! The hammer of Thor is my shield! Beautiful!”
    • ”Your cruelty is endless, Captain. Honest, hard working men on board that zeppelin? Men with families? Have you no shame?”
    • ”Death and destruction, IS THAT ALL YOU ARE?!”

    - General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

    • “For your crime, you will die like vermin. I will hunt you down. At the end of the Earth, I will find you, your skin charred, your fats rendered, your kind...exterminated. In the end, I will feed your flesh...TO THE FURNACE!”
    • “No one leaves my camp.”
    • “Caroline Becker, leader of the Kreisau Circle...the criminal mastermind. I think not. I think...you’re just another...UNTERMENSCH!”
    • “How does it taste? The gunpowder...of the bullet that killed...your friend. How does it feel?”

    - General Irene Engel, Wolfenstein: TNO/The New Colossus.

    • “The old and the weak are doomed.”
    • “Count to four, inhale. Count to four, exhale.”

    - Captain William “B.J” Blazkowicz, Wolfenstein series.

    • “BECAUSE I’M A POTATO. *clap, clap, clap*.”

    -GLaDOS, Portal 1 and 2.

    • “Society sucks, but you don’t have to kill your classmates to stand out.”
    • ”You have failed the test of life, and I will take you all on if I must.”

    -Pico, Newgrounds and FNF.

    Relations with Users


    • Metbol (A.K.A Muddy Mudkipz): I can’t believe you trolled half of the colorful testicle wiki like that. Based.
    • NazBolGANG12: Helped me understand (in part) that socialism and capitalism are actually somewhat compatible.
    • Lexsiek: ACE GANG!!!
    • Rechtewig: Together, we shall bring down AHS.
    • MoonlitMayonnaise: Probably the only person with a positive I.Q on the entire Anarchy.
    • Heinrich Cheung: An auth, a transhumanist AND a fellow SJW hater? Based.
    • JoeyFloppa: The only mod that hasn’t pissed me off in some way, shape or form other than Denatidum.

    Rather Amicable

    • Imperial Seneke: We’ll never agree on urbanism and what the superior beer is, but other than that, he’s pretty based.
    • SumisuAirisu: We used to hate each other, but we found common ground by hating Jade’s guts and despising Misestards. And no, I am NOT A CONSERVATARD.
    • Bsaheed: A member of the ace gang and a former lolbert. I’m glad that he saw anarchism AND democracy for the cucked mess it was.
    • Only Death May Die: Has some pretty bad takes, but he’s the only immortalist on the Anarchy that I know of thus far.
    • MatmajTHM: Hehe Wingdings and Acenationalism go brrrrrr.
    • Lpyaperson: We agree on a few things, but why must he be a lolbert?
    • Sabkv (before the ban): Why did you have to draw that godawful ship?


    • OStAlig: Why did you try to remove AHSism???
    • Angrybirdstd: Annoying 99% of the time, but has some based takes.
    • Denatidum: I don’t know them well enough, but from what I can tell, they dislike AHS.
    • Plenderplar: Has an awfully cringe self-insert. LARPer in chief.
    • Oofit: The lolbert to end all lolberts, but he’s a Naruto fan.


    • All of the SysOps.
    • JadeCrystalCat: Horrid mod who frequently abuses his power and is also a degenerate furry. At least he’s trying to change for the better, but I have to give him time before I make further conclusions.
    • Potash666: A leftoid and a lolbert with some seriously garbage takes (communes? Bleh).
    • Kira Kween: I have no words...

    Shit List™

    • Idk1995: Reactionary SJW that is currently faking a disease to get sympathy points.

    Hall of Fame

    1. SuperStraight Pride: My most popular page BY FAR. It has held a top 20 position on the leaderboard for most of its life. It seems its fame is gone now, but it is still the finest page i’ve created so far.
    2. F.I.A.T: My self-insert.
    3. [This page has been removed by a seething janny].

    Muh Images

    Ideology Icons

    If you delete any of this, I’ll find you and eat your cookies.

    To Do

    • Make the following navboxes:
      • Kakistocracy
      • Fusion Ideologies
      • The Final Layer of Void Compass
      • Deleted PCBA Page
      • Oddly-Shaped
    • Update the following navboxes:
      • Self-Inserts of Self-Inserts
    • Make the following tophats:
      • Offensive Warning
      • Stupid
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