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    Tricolorism-icon.png Tricolorism is an ideology developed by M4RKAru. It aims to be a mix between liberalist, socialist and transhumanist theories. Its objective is to keep a truly free economy while minimizing social inequalities and fueling technological and human advancement.


      Market Means  

    Tricolorism believes in economic freedom. Markets are the best way to operate an economy, however, they aren't perfect and they can't properly offer every human need.

    It is necessary to keep monopolies from forming. That is one of the only extents to which state intervention in economy is acceptable.

      Social Ends  

    Tricolorism believes that workers should have the liberty to form worker cooperatives and/or democratically elect their managers. Worker co-ops should be widespread. Also, the opinions of trade unions and worker syndicates should really be listened to. All in the framework of a market economy.

    Lastly, there should be a  LVT fueled welfare state to de-accelerate inequality even further in educational and medical fields.

      Human Future  

    Tricolorism advocates for the enhancement of the human condition by developing sophisticated technologies that can enhance longevity, cognition, health and other characteristics. These technologies must be made widely available to avoid   turning economic inequality in biological inequality.

    The "Market Means, Social Ends" policies are designed to minimize inequality and keep the state with reasonable amounts of power, which is the perfect framework to transhumanism. Who will make these technologies? Everyone who wants to.


    Tricolorism always talks in a robotic voice, and does his best to talk in a formal and understandable language to other ideologies. He can often confuse other people by talking in an unpractical way about topics like   morality, history and the current state of politics. He is sometimes sarcastic.




    •   Anarcho-Transhumanism - Its success depends in what economic system are we talking about. Anarchy isn't my thing anyway.
    •   Democracy - You have your flaws, but I'll have to stick with you regards of my doubts.
    •   Horseshoe Centrism - Based radical centrism, although most of its arguments are being as ambiguous as possible.
    •   Traditionalism - Yes, tradition and culture have inherent value. No, you can't control what two consenting adults do in a room.
    •   E-Democracy - I am all about technology, but this has many security risks. How do you prevent hacking? How do you create trust? How do you even transport all that data?





    •   Ultraleftism - I am detecting a huge spike in the amount of radical left self-inserts. I know it's one of you guys writing theory.
    •   White Juche - Hell.
    •   Voluntaryism - NAP is based, but a capitalist society with no state will degenerate into corporatocracy.



    •   Anarcho-Buniism - As I said before. It's not too late.
    •   M4RKAruism - You took a bit too long to evolve. Don't worry, we aren't too different, I just added a bit of   literate socialism into the mix like you wanted.
    •   Chirotesla Thought - You have come to the right conclusions. However, your takes in diplomacy and justice are really outdated.
    •   Mattism - Acceptable economics, however, I dislike nationalism and populism.
    •   Pantheonism - Friendly user with good anti-marxist socialism, but monarchism + globalism = hell.
    •   Neo Social Libertarianism - Finally someone understands the importance of greater liberty and anti-communism! But we can have a little socialism.




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