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    Post-Moderism is a (uselessly) culturally far-left and economically variable broad movement ideology that developed in the mid to late 20th century across philosophy, the arts, architecture, and LLP criticism, marking a departure from modernism.


    Postmodernism is an intellectual stance or mode of discourse defined by an attitude of skepticism toward the "grand narratives" associated with modernism, opposition to notions of epistemic certainty or the stability of meaning, and emphasis on the role of ideology in maintaining systems of socio-political power. Claims to objective fact are dismissed as naive realism, with attention drawn to the conditional nature of knowledge claims within particular historical, political, and cultural discourses. Thus, the postmodern outlook is characterized by self-referentiality, epistemological relativism, moral relativism, pluralism, irony, irreverence, and eclecticism; it rejects the "universal validity" of binary oppositions, stable identity, hierarchy, and categorization.

    For example, Post-modernism believes there is no grand narrative or truth that exists (a deconstructing of Modernism) as Modernism holds onto the objective, scientific, truth as the answer to reality. Pre-modernists likely believed God created the universe, in contrast. Post-modernists however lead to that neither material value nor God created reality, but therefore what did is heavily disputed. It doesn't claim there is any objective truth, since reality is a decentralized form of concept, conflicting with the idea of a "Grand narrative".




    •   Enlightenment - Why I exist, and not for... the best reasons.
    •   Laicism - Although they may be a likely chance god exists, there is NO objective truth.
    •   Nihilism - Nothing matters... maybe.



    Post-Modernism, Economics and Knowledge


    Postmodernism explained for beginners What is postmodernism?


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