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    Pink or Gold pill - ALL ENDINGS

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    The Gold Pill... or the Pink Pill, by METBOL.png Metbol.

    This page is an old relic of a time long past... and I'm finalling fixing the awful grammar(wish me luck).


    Two pills capable or altering an ideologies belief have been created, the Gold Pill and the Pink Pill. These strange consumables are being given all through out the compass with the porpuse of converting ideologies to either the Right or Left side of the Anarchy Wiki.

    Gold Pill

    the gold pill is a pill connected to JoeyFloppa boo.pngJoeyFloppaism a libertarian conservative, american nationalist ideology with social darwinist and space colonialist characteristics.

    Pink Pill

    The pink pill is connected to Airisu.pngAirisuism an anarcho-syndicalist ideology that likes catboys, enviromentalism and the LGBTQ+ Community.


    JoeyFloppa boo.pngEnding One: ALL HAIL METBOL!

    In this ending all self-inserts including Airisuism take the gold pill, leftism is eliminated from the wiki by conversion and the wiki is officially a capitalist circle-jerk, the already right-wing self-inserts are extremely happy and SIRUP(Self-Insert Right-Unitist Party) is the only party of the wiki (although we aren't a democracy) and Metbol was proclaimed king with no opposition.

    Airisu.pngEnding Two: ALL HAIL VAUSH!

    In this ending all self-inserts including JoeyFloppaism take the pink pill, rightism is finally extinct from the wiki, ancoms and other left-anarchists now rule with absolute power, Vaush is seen as a god and is worshipped, everyone wacthes vaush's streams and debates, the wiki is a libleft echo-chamber, The SILUP (Self-Insert Left-Unitist Party) is the only party (despite the fact that the wiki isn't a democracy).

    NaziFloppa.pngEnding Three: Rightist Dictatorship

    In this ending not all people took the gold pill but a majority did, the rightist army with it's numbers quickly dominated the rest of the compass and stablished a Right-Wing Autocratic Dictatorship with JoeyFloppa as the head of state, there's still opposition from the remaining leftists but conflicts are easily solved with the party's iron fist, some leftist have been inprisoned and placed into labour camps to work for the SIRUP and many people hide their true feelings about the regime with fear of being punished by the party, rumors tell that leftist and even some rightists plan a revoluntion to take down JoeyFloppa. but are these rumors true...?

    Plenair.pngEnding Four: Leftist "Transitionary" State

    In this ending not all people took the pink pill but a majority did, once the leftists realised they outnumbered the right-wingers 1 to 10 they quickly attacked the remaining rightists, a vanguard state was stablished with SumisuAirisu as the leader, the transitioanry state was said to be temporary, last only enough so all rightist opposition could be "dealt with" to ensure the ideal grounds for true communism, time has been passing and the hope this "transition" will ever end is fading but almost no one ever criticizes the regime or Airisu, those who do however... just so happen to mysteriously disappear...

    Airisu.pngEnding Five: Civil War JoeyFloppa boo.png

    In this ending no side gets a majority and so a civil war starts between right-wingers and left-wingers, the war is happening in the libUnity borders but there's also troops in the Authoritarian quadrants preparing for either side to start fire, the center seems like the only safe heaven for those on neither side of the war but fear exists that the war may seap in there, some people have built their own groups against both sides of the war, things are uncertain and many see their children go with no expectation of them returning, anti-war sentiment has begun in some places of the left and right but no attempts to stop the war effort have been made yet. The compass in filled with uncertainty of what it's future might hold...

    File:LMetaAn.pngSecret Ending 1: Meta-Politics[File:RMetaAn.png]]

    In this ending all rightists took the Pink Pill and all leftists took the Gold Pill, both sides finally understand each other by becoming each other, everyone realizes that there is no point in fighting and then a meta-political community is stablished through the entire compass, people choose what system they wanna live under and everyone has a place for their ideas. The wiki becomes a Voluntaryist Utopia.

    AiriFlo.png Secret Ending 2: Opposite Unity

    Everyone Decides to take BOTH pills turning the wiki into an opposite unity between Right and Left.

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