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    Schizophrenic Accelerationism

    Revision as of 23:01, 30 August 2021 by SchizoACC (talk | contribs)

    Schizophrenic Accelerationism is an Off-compass, opposite unity ideology created by SchizoACC, the ultimate combination of Deleuzian Accelerationism, Market Anarchism and Conservative Socialism. The final goal is the total destruction of reality, physical law, and the integration between the world of matter and the world of mind, effectively turning humanity into the Chaos God.


    The world we live in is a miserable status-quo made up by the illusion of the human mind. The ruthless nature of reality, its cold and inhumane nature is omnipresent. Culture, nation, race, language, religion, philosophy, politics, economic system, law, rule, regulation, objectively moral, community, society, etc, they're the imaginary structure that constraint individuals, subjugate them into the coercive, involuntary hierarchy of existence. Suppress the ego, starve the soul, and feed the individuals to the machine which crushes any sign of individuality. The termination of illusionary, foreign, outer-individual figures will be the total liberation of our soul. Live for its own ideals, not for the illusions of others, and not for the megalomaniac, hegemonic, collectivistic machine of structure.

    The situation is alarming. Western civilization is falling. The government becoming more and more tyrannical, plunge the nation into multiple crises, war, economic depression, and surveillance. Corporations monopolize the market and become increasingly Orwellian. The ideas of equality, social justice, tolerance, and peace now become the cancer of civilization, victimize and weakened individuals, turned them into irresponsible, lazy, selfish, destructive, and nihilist people. The maggots and parasite slowly and slowly, indoctrinate, rotting and eroding the foundation of individual liberty and personal responsibility. The avant-garde has become garde and the resistance is the oppressive hierarchical state now. The involuntary, coercive enforcement of ideas at the cost of individual liberty is the root cause of all sufferings. Pollution, climate change, war, terrorism, economic crisis, arms race, political instability proves the old world has entered the breaking point.

    The Great Acceleration awaits.

    The Great Acceleration

    The Era of Meltdown

    Eventually, it came. The civilization fell apart. Nations went to war with each other. Revolution and reactionary. Separatists. Rebellion and uprising. Nuclear war. Biological war. Chemical war. Cyberwar. Space war. Mental war. Starvation, genocide, anarchy, environmental collapse, dictatorship. Corporations emerged and overtake the government. Traditional Left-Right politics together with its inefficient bureaucracy is dead. Capitalism is dead. Neo-Feudalist Corporatocracy emerged. Neo-reactionism is the elitism of the future. Globalization and Economic forces absorb and crushed every culture, race, identity, politics, religion. Commoditization erased the past identity. Hyper-racism among non-augmented humans and transhumans. New identity. The same tool and ideals of liberation in the 20th century now become the tool of Orwellian oppression in the 21st century. Machines in the sense of philosophical Deleuzianism phased the mortal flesh and natural instinct of man. Hierarchy and The Cold God is the new "human civilization" that emerged from the ashes of the old world, from the dying remnants of religions, politics, traditions, identity, and humanism. Ethno-nationalist, Techno-merchants, and traditional-religious are dead, phased out. The Cathedral and their corporations have won. The New World Order emerged. State Liberalism reign in the darkness.

    The Revolution awaits

    The Revolution

    It collapsed on its own weight. It's a quiet revolution. The flame slowly spread. The Second Renaissance. The Second Enlightenment. Small conflicts evolved into the global war. Cultural Progressivism and Economic Neoliberalism must be annihilated at all costs. We need to liberate our souls from the illusions of structure and fear. We need to imagine a new future beyond the status quo, beyond the structure, beyond our nature. Schizophrenia defeats Neoliberalism. Free our desire. Free our minds. Deterritorialize the system. Accelerate Capitalism and Socialism. Black market, public knowledge, open-source, cryptocurrency, deep web, hacking, propaganda, protest, strike, unionize. We fight in the dark so they can die in the light. Economic deterritorialization overcome economic Darwinism. Eugenics and transhumanism revolutionize the biological and mental state of mankind. Technology phased out poverty, disease, corruption, and war. Atompunk is our new future. Be ultravisionary. 1950s futurism and star trek visions must be strived for. 1980s futurism and cyberpunk must vanquish alongside the old world. UBI, LVT, NIT. Machine and AI overtake hard labor. Society must rebuild itself. The golden fifties and its futuristic prophecy will struggle and triumphantly won.

    The Future awaits.

    The Future

    The struggle for liberation continued. The eventual fate of all species and civilizations is extinction. Mankind must evolve further and become God itself. Not transform biological selves into Lovecraftian abominations. Not abolish our individuality and humanity to become a mindless hive of machines. We need a spiritual awakening, went beyond our physical existence. The Ego is the new god. To the new dimension, new reality, new universe. Man must become God to survive and thrive for eternity, even the heat death of the universe is not the end of our story.

    The Chaos God awaits.

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