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    Throughout the course of BFDI, there have been mentions and implications of a larger body that enforces laws and punishes offenders of such laws. The legal system was expanded upon in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", with the contest being in a courthouse.

    List of known laws

    The act of escaping the Tiny Loser Chamber leaves the offender with a criminal record.

    The Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide's coverage on Ice Cube reveals that Ice Cube regrets escaping the Tiny Loser Chamber, because she obtained a criminal record. The other punishments for violating this law is unknown.

    Besides Ice Cube, some of the recommended characters that failed to join BFDI and BFDIA were able to escape the Locker of Losers and Tiny Loser Chamber. In "No More Snow!", Cloudy, Bell, Grassy, Lightning, and 8-Ball have all escaped and were seen in both the Evil Forest and the Snowy Forest. Evil Leafy had also teleported outside of the TLC as well.

    The act of constructing a building in The Pillary Ruins is illegal.

    In "Take the Tower", Bubble attempts to construct a tower to rescue Balloony from elimination. Four states that such an act was illegal. It can be assumed that the punishment for violating this law is that another contestant is asked to destroy the structure, as evidenced by Four, Lollipop, and Blocky's actions in the same episode.

    The impersonation of Loser will lead the offender to arrest and probation.

    In "Take the Tower", Four Colored Team strategizes on how to win the challenge, and suggests that impersonating someone may work. Gelatin states that in the past, he impersonated Loser, and ended up being arrested, placed in a detention center, and receiving probation. This law is likely in place due to Loser's status as a highly protected individual. It can be assumed that Gelatin's probation has since been released, as there has been no evidence of a probation officer for Gelatin.

    Laws against trespassing Yellow Face's Warehouse exist.

    In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Four states that he discovered the location of Yellow Face's Warehouse using a "not so legal way of snooping", indicating that Four had commit trespassing to discover Yellow Face's Warehouse.

    Theft of an object may result in a court trial to determine the culprit.

    In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Four was going to give Donut's Diary as a cake for Cake at Stake, but Firey stole it due to wanting something everyone wants after Leafy stole Dream Island. After Four discovered it was stolen and Taco was eliminated, he sent the remaining contestants the the Courtroom, where a trial was made to determine the thief.

    Lying under Oath and Perjury will arrest the offender and involved parties for 2,763 years.

    In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Blocky had lied twice in the Courtroom, leading to, according to a deep text-to-speech voice, the arrest of all parties involved with Blocky's Funny Doings International for 2,763 years. Due to Blocky not being imprisoned, it is assumed that either the sentence is not in effect yet, or the scene was a joke.

    Unauthorized use of the Courtroom will result in the judge being arrested.

    This was briefly mentioned by Four at the end of "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", with Four having been revealed to be jailed for the crime in "Fashion For Your Face!". It is unknown who arrested them.

    Other Info

    • It is unknown who arrested Gelatin and who his probation officer was.
    • It is possible that there is a higher governing body in Goiky that places and enforces these laws, but there is currently no evidence supporting this.
    • It appears that Four has some control over or immunity from the law, as they were able to get away with building another tower and using them for the challenge. However, they were arrested in "Fashion For Your Face!", however for the previous episode when they used the courtroom via trespassing.
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