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    Secratism is the ideology of PolCompBall user ImperiousViktus, please do not edit this page.

    Secratism is an authoritarian nationalistic ideology created by ImperiousViktus, inhabiting an AuthUnity area outside the Political Compass. The general consensus is: An abolition of left and right wings of the political spectrum in favor of political unity through Authoritarian enforcement; and a complete Eradication of Anarchism by all means necessary.


    Secratism supports unity through authority; supporting a Authoritarian Capitalist ideal, it is the states job to monitor markets to enforce that state beliefs are integrated into society through the economic woes of the states citizens. The civic idea summarized is the abolition of Socialist and Fascist doctrine while eliminating traces of Anarchism in the process. Culturally, Secratism is considered centrist, aiming at containing Anti-Semitism and Fascist culture to a minimum.

    The beliefs of Secratism has changed throughout its history, however Capitalism and the belief of the abolition of the political spectrum has never changed. Secratism believes everyone is equal in a physical and biological way, the color of skin, gender or nationality is of no purpose to the state. Secratism advocates for a loyalty cast system, with very specific laws that allow a persons freedoms to remain unless you directly threaten the state or break a law.


    Secratist economics support Authoritarian styled Capitalism; Secratism believes in a Capitalist market which is observed and to an extent controlled by the state for the safety of the investors over companies. Secratism shows its support for peoples economical rights while putting its strict market regulation on display. Secratism strongly believes in economic independence, believing that a nation should limit foreign imports and rely on most good being produced within the country.


    A Secratist Government supports an Authoritarian backing, being extremely legalistic if someone violates a law concerning the safety of the state or harm against Jews. The state operates in a caste societal system, placing the loyal, hard working, and intelligent get the best wishes from the state, turning a blind eye to the lazy and uncaring, while assisting the hardworking and intelligent people of whom are disadvantaged.

    Foreign Affairs

    On the topic of Foreign Affairs, Secratism believes that the affairs of foreign government should stay that certain governments issue, isolating Secratism from affairs that could collapse the states authority or economical standing; the exclusion of this belief is if the foreign affair concerns the safety of the Jewish population.


    Secratist opinions are fundamentally grounded in equality, authority, anti-anarchism and anti-political beliefs while being a true believer in Capitalism, showing its dislike for Socialism and Fascism.

    Opinion of Anti-Semitism

    Secratism believes that Jews have been tormented and oppressed for hundreds of years, and that the Jews deserve a sovereign state above all that oppose it, while supporting the destruction of all who oppose a Jewish state.

    Opinion of Anarchism

    Secratism thoroughly and absolutely opposes Anarchism; Secratism believes in the destruction of Anarchism to the point of extinction, and all who believe Anarchism to be arrested for threatening the safety of the state with anti-state propaganda.

    Opinion of Socialism

    Secratism believes that Socialism gives too much power to the people, believing that giving too much power to the people can destroy the state, and would signal the rise of opinion triumph-anting over authority.

    Opinion of Taxation

    Secratism shows its support for Capitalism, however, Secratism does not believe in the taxation of citizens above 10% of their monthly income. The reason for this is to ensure the economic stability of the citizens above the economic revenue collected by the state. This being said, Secratism does believe in the taxation of companies with a value surpassing 50x the amount payed to employees.

    Civic control of Anarchism

    Secratism support anti-anarchist mental programming, in any way, from birth to adulthood; Anarchism is the #1 enemy of Secratist thought, and is treated by Secratism as an inhuman idea formed by anti-state 'rodents'. Secratism supports the extermination of Anarchism in any way, through mass arrests or, in some situations, use of more harmful tactics could be necessary.

    Combatting Anarchism

    Secratism vows to destroy the idea of anarchy in any possible, these include: Mental Programming from Birth, Chemical Riot Control, Mass Arrests, Executions of Anarchist Leaders, Surveillance for Anarchist tendencies.

    Anarchist Censorship

    The purpose of an Authoritarian Government is to censor Anarchism, Socialism and Fascism respectively; the censorship of Anarchism comes down to mental programming.

    Protection of America

    Quad-Secratism, AKA Quadrant Secratism, is a sectored idea in the Foundation of Secratism that believes America is to be protected and is Secratist's sovereign land. Secratism opinion of America changes with each supporter, However most supporters believes that America is the Chosen land. In some radical cases, such as Petrovianism / Viktusism, believe Americans are saving the world by pushing for a capitalist one world government.

    Petrovianism's Rejection of Sovereignty

    Petrovianism rejects the idea of a Sovereign country, believing Secratism is a natural causality of evolution and should not be concentrated to a country, but instead be spread throughout the world.

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