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    Brony Kakistocracy was a ideology that is based on Flurry Heart who is a Alicorn baby that came from The Crystal Empire even he is given birth by Shining Armor & Princess Cadence during The Crystalling and Flurry Heart has destroyed the crystal heart when he is triggered that he is taken away from Pinkie Pie even he fixed with Starlight's spells along with magic from his parents.

    Flurry Heart's favorite food is mashed peas so maybe he could be a Vegetarian and he has a stuffed snail called Whammy even he makes him Prime Minister of The Crystal Empire also he has a babysitter called Twilight Sparkle but he thinks this Alicorn was not perfect even he is yelling during a incident in a hospital.

    Princess Cadence's dream was a Dj that is actually Flurry Heart but in reality he is more into politics than music and Flurry Heart has close friends with Thorax who is a Changeling so that means there will a alliance between two different nations, let's not forgot that Flurry Heart policies were wired like Clown Butlers, Canadian Independence, Adult Diapers & Moderate Militarism.



    • Harmoist Theocracy - It was the most important faith for North America but without it there is no Crystal Empire.
    • Crystal Nationalism - It was the only type of faith that I ever need and it was a Canadian version of Harmoist Theocracy.
    • Brony Sexocracy - You are me but more gross but I do not blame you for it because you are my true loving mother.
    • Shining Fascism - I love to learn about political ideologies from you.
    • Pink Crapitalism - I will wear diapers as my pride forever and I do not need underwear because it was for Socialist Brutes.
    • Kakistocracy - Everybody will never knew what plans I have made for ruling.


    • Brony Progressivism - You are too fat for me to get hugged but you are a hero for fighting against King Sombra.
    • Brony Moonlitism - You are too scary for me to get babysitted even you are friends with mom.
    • Brony Epistocracy - Maybe we can make a alliance with our nations but only we followed our polices together.
    • Bronyism - Please respect my polices along with myself but if you don't, there will be a execution.
    • Equestrian Nationalism - The Crystal Empire will be fully independent from you even it has Equestrian culture.


    • Harmophobia - You hated The Crystal Empire for being a Equestrian Puppet State but why.
    • Anti Bronyism - Ruining Private Or Public Property, Aiding Enemies, Brutal Torture, Hate Crimes and High Treason.
    • American Nationalism - This Ideology Will Not Rise Again.

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