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    "Help" - Still-Being-Drawnism
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    National-Monarchism believes that a person should be loyal to the monarchy and the monarchy should expand and take its neighbors. Such examples are the 2nd German Reich. It sometimes as isolationist beliefs.


    In a National Monarchy, the King/Queen holds power over all budget, laws, and is the statesman, like in an Absolute Monarchy. Unlike in an Abmon.png Absolute Monarchy, a National Monarch also rules over the national church.


    The first National Monarchy occured in England. Up until King Henry VIII, England was an Abmon.png Absolute Monarchy, with the pope ruling over the Catholic church. However, after his wife bearing no boys, he wished to get a divorce. The pope at the time did not allow this, so in 1534, King Henry broke off from the Catholic church to from the Church of England, which then became the national church and was ruled by King Henry, thus forming the first National Monarchy. In 1689, a bill was passed limiting the power of the Monarch.png Monarchy, ending the National Monarchy. Since the Pope is considered the Absolute Monarch of Vatican City, and he rules over Catholicism, he could be said to be an Elective National Monarch.

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