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    Anti-Positivism (also known as interpretivism, negativism or anti-naturalism) is a theoretical stance that proposes that the social realm cannot be studied with the scientific method of investigation utilized within the natural sciences, and that investigation of the social realm requires a different epistemology. Fundamental to that antipositivist epistemology is the belief that the concepts and language that researchers use in their research shape their perceptions of the social world they are investigating, studying, and defining.

    Antipositivism also advocates social sciences, human sciences (humanities) and political sciences should be dealt different of natural sciences actually are, and should follow their own methods and epistemology. Antipositivism also advocates that calling all social sciences as "pseudoscience" due to this is an abuse of the term "pseudoscience" where it can define everything that is outside of positivist thought and also as a positivist tactic to impose positivism everywhere.

    Antipositivism also opposes Popperism and Neo-Positivism, considering both as a form of dogmatic positivism that leads into even the falseability of themselves, such as skepticism leads into the elimination of itself and everything else. Antipositivism also advocates falseability might be corret somehow, but it can leads into the falseability of itself and it's not a good critea to determine what's science and what's not. And antipositivism also advocates that both, popperism and neo-positivism started with the campaign of consider all social/human/political sciences as pseudosciences.

    Antipositivism also advocates social/human/political sciences are more complex and difficult than natural sciences, so call it as pseudoscience is a form to do not accept they are complex and difficult, and it also opposes any form of positivist reductionism on them, like using neuroscientism, psychiatrism and psychiatrizationism to reduce social sciences, such as what neo-positivists do in reduce everything into chemical reactions in the brain as a way to cancel social sciences, considering this as a form of positivist reductionism.

    Antipositivism is also allied with Anti-Atheism and Anti-Skepticism, advocating that both are necessary to balance the society and avoid that positivism and neo-positivism take over society completely. Antipositivism also advocates things as Techno-Agnosticism, Scientific Deism, Scientific Agnosticism and Spiritualicism should also be part of antipositivism, being them as part of an area of science that is still under construction, like spiritual/supernatural/extraphysical sciences, where it is still necessary more studies and this area is even more complex and hard than social sciences themselves.

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