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    Nazcaptransh.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png

    Overview Austrobert.pngEconomicsEconomic Darwinism.png His economic conception is initially based on Hayek.pngAustrian economic schoolAustrobert.png. Then, his concept on the market steps more towards to Darwinist.pngSocial Darwinism. He believes in a total free market will promote the society. And this is the one of the reason that why he dislikes Soc.png socialism and planned economy.

    Totalitarian.pngAdministration&SocietyPinochet.png Heinrich-cheungism believes a Totalitarian.pngtotalitarian government will be able to manage his citizens effectively. He encourages government officers to start businesses in order to fulfil government expense, since there are literally no taxes(Due to his nature). Also, he believes that just change normal human into aryan by genetic engineering is not enough, but also using Transh.pngimplants and artificial organs to build "Großer Arier".(Greater Aryans) Due to his Darwinist.png Social Darwinist nature, he believes that everything should be privatised, including infrastructures, education and even right to speak out. His regulation of speech is relatively less than his Burgsys.png Nazi.pngRelatives(Because the right to speak can be bought from mega-scale corporations). He is also a great fan of Pinochet.pngphysical removal. And he thinks using a strategic bomber to remove is more effective. But the only people he may remove are Kak.png Kakistocrats, Prim.pngMonkEand Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivists. Because they are the only obstacles to the technical advancement.

    Shinto Theocracy.pngReligionGnosticism.png The factions that are not able to be fulfilled will become the source of our trouble. The factions that are able to help us will become our tool. - Unknown. Therefore, the only allowed religion is Shinto Theocracy.pngShinto Theocracy.(Not counting the other Paganics) Albeit Heinrich Cheung himself is an Atheist. And the main reason that according to the history, most of the religions are alike to the obstacle to the government. However, State shinto is different. It serves as the tool of ruling in government.

    StratoDog.pngMilitaryNattrans.png Albeit Heinrich-Cheungism is also a kind of militaristic, he does not conscript his citizens. Instead of conscription, he likes using fully automated weapon such as A.I controlled armoured vehicles, battleships, aircrafts and humanoid figurines as the military. And these forces are controlled by several private company. They usually serve as private security in peace time.

    Cultrl cent right.pngCultureAnime.png Heinrich-Cheungism is also an anime lover(Because his creator Heinrich Cheung is a weeb). So he always uses anime in his propaganda, no matter what content that propaganda is. Also, playing games is allowed in his society. Due to his creator Heinrich Cheung considers games is a kind of simulation of the reality. And also, playing game of Interactive ParadoxTM is encouraged. For the reason that he thinks this can help the future leaders to understand the tactics of administration. However, his perspectives towards communism is even harsher than Nazi.png National Socialism.

    Imp.pngDiplomatic & International RelationshipNecon alt.png Heinrich-Cheungism believes that nation's prosperity cannot only relies on autarky or closed border. He considers that closed border may make him lose the ability to compete with other country. Therefore, international trade is allowed and encouraged. Unlike most of the stereotypes of Fash.pngFascists, Heinrich-Cheungism is an enthusiastic interventionist. Because he thinks that intervention is the only way to create Lebensraum.

    Oligarchy.pngGovernment structureOligarchy.png Heinrich-Cheungism strongly avows Oligarchy.pngOligarchy. Because he considers that only one people cannot decide anything. Because in an Autocracy.pngAutocratic society, problems will be made if the only leader had made a wrong decision. Like culture revolution triggered by Mao.pngMao. So the power can be concentrated but abused. If Heinrich-Cheungism had made some decision which is too ridiculous or emotional, those Oligarchic politicians can tell him that decision is ridiculous or directly stop him.

    Cybercr.png"Greater good"Cybercr.png It is the system that is truly able to achieve the goal of Heinrich-Cheungism. It will search any possible means (If not revisionist) to achieve a truly Heinrich-Cheungist society. And that system is designed to do that. And it will give the message to the Oligarchs. If the Oligarchs have questions, they are free to ask the computer. And the computer will give the informations to them. Nevertheless, this need to be kept as a secret. Hence, the only people who know the cuper computer are the Oligarchs.

    Nazcaptransh.pngThe OligarchsPlutocrat.png The oligarchs are the most important part of the Heinrich-Cheungism. Because the place he need to govern is not a small piece of land. To relieve the load, Oligarchy is needed for the administration. Not too much, not too few. And the oligarchs are often plutocrats, some of them are the leader of religion. They are not be known by the other people in the country except for thePrime minister, Marshal of Army, Navy, Airforce, and Strategical weapons.

    Showalong.pngCeremonial MonarchismCermon.png Heinrich-Cheungism disavows any kinds of Monarchy, but except this: The Ceremonial Monarchism. At this point, the only thing that a monarch left is their fame and people's loyalty. And also, loyalty to the Oligarchs. Civilians will only know the monarch. and only some high status bureaucrats are allowed to know the existence of the Oligarchs.

    Technocracy.pngThe bureaucratsTechnocracy.png "Administration should be treated as the same as the science research. Accurate and serious" - Heinrich von Cheung (The name is satirical but the content is true.) Therefore, the bureaucrats must be skilled to tackle with the administration. This is to avoid any faults to be made in the administration. And most of them only know the existence of the ceremonial monarch. The only people who know the existence of the oligarchs are: the Prime minister, Marshal of Army, Navy, Airforce, and Strategical weapons. Because in some crises, the Oligarch need to pass the ceremonial monarch to directly order. However, the consequence of leaking the informations of oligarchs to the others is disastrous.

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    Heinrich-Cheungist Government structure.png

    StratoDog.pngMilitary StructureNattrans.png Albeit in Heinrich-Cheungist society, the automated figurine are the major force of his military, they are still classified in several hierarchies.

    Nattrans.pngWehrmacht This is the basic military force of Heinrich-Cheungism. Their weapon are: 1 assault weapon for middle-range shooting, with 5 magazines for this, 1 pistol for close-range shooting and 2 magazine for it, and 1 katana for melee fighting. and they will have 1 anti-bullet jacket, 1 gas mask(For decorating and horrifying the enemies) and 1 helmet. Some of them may get the artillery, and 3 people for a artillery. Some of them may drive the armoured vehicles, and 3 people for a armoured vehicles. EsofashHat.pngRaketengrenadier They are the elite force of Wehrmacht. They are also equipped with rocket launchers, with the 6 rounds magazine capacity. Those rockets are actually the small missiles. They are required to take 18 rockets as the reserving. Burgsys.png"Schwarzer Flagge" This is the elite force. They are always fighting in a centurion. 10 of them will serve as the "Suicide squad". their weapon are: 1 expandable metal explosible spear(It is able to be expanded to 4 meters and destroy 30mm armor) and 1 katana for close-range fighting. 15 of them will serve as the "Shielders". their weapon are: their shield for defending their companion from enemies' bullet and the other weapons and also, attracting enemies' attention, 1 pistol for emergency use, 1 katana for melee fighting if their shield is damaged. And of course, their armor is better and heavier than the others 10 of them will use a shotgun, and their armor is just as firm and heavy as the "Shielders". And their weapons are: 1 shotgun, 1 pistol for close-range shooting and 1 katana for melee fighting. 45 of them will serve as the normal combat troops, their weapons are: 1 assault weapon, 10 magazines for this, 1 short submachine gun and 5 magazine for this. And 1 katana for melee fighting. And also, their armor is better than the normal wehrmachts. 10 of them will serve as the light machine gunner. Their weapons are 1 light machine gun, and 4 magazine for that, and 1 katana for melee fighting. 5 of them will serve as the heavy machine gunner. Their weapons are 1 heavy machine gun, 1 assault weapon, 5 magazine for that, and 1 katana for melee fighting. 5 of them will serve as the sniper, their weapons are 1 sniper rifle, 3 magazine for that, and 1 katana for melee fighting. They will have several symbols on their flag, and each flag will have different meaning. No symbol refers to no special about this centurion. The "Schwarze Sonne" symbol refers to this centurion is an elite. The "Taiyou" symbol refers to this centurion is a bunch of death worshipper, never fear of death. Ilminism.pngAirborne Troops (공수 특수 부대 여단) They are fighting in a brigade and modified. They are able to be compacted into the vessels and large vehicles. Their weapons are implanted into their body. Therefore, they can fight without the assault weapon. Their weapon is energy weapon. Hence, they don't need any bullets. When they are transported, they can charging in the transportation vessel. They are often transported secretly. Inspired from the specialist troops of Korea. Autodale.png"Infiltrators"Omnitrix.png They cannot be known but the Oligarchs and "The Greater Good". Their typical sign is the fabricated tactical mask, long spike with the katana handle or katana which is 1.5m, black long trench coat and complete silence when they are assassinating or sabotaging. Their average height is 2.0m The only ranged weapon they may use is sniper rifle which is able to launch explosives. Eugen.pngEugenicsDarwinist.png Eugenics is a crucial part in Heinrich Cheung's thought. (In the stage of no implants is crucial) And this is able to preserve the best genes. And this is able to ensure the citizens to create the maximum efficiency. Because after the test of eugenics, people with the best gene will be able to survive. And they are the smartest merchants, the most diligent bureaucrats, and the smartest scientists.

    The stages of Heinrich-Cheungism First stage It is not very wacky, it might start from Nrx.pngNeoreactionarism, Corp.pngCorporatocracy, or even, Authcap.pngNormal Authoritarian Capitalism. And they are very easy to convert into my ideology. Second stage Final stage Military equipments All of the guns of Heinrich-Cheungism's army are H&K's.

    Wehrmacht Their Assault weapons are G36 G36C (For infiltrating) and G28(For long-range shooting). Though they are tactical figurines. they still have the uniforms. The uniforms are revised SS's uniform. They will have a long black trench coat, a revised M35 Stahlhelm (with a night visor), a tactic vest and a tactic masks (Mostly for intimidating) in combat. They will take an 1-meter katana for melee combat. Raketengrenadier Nearly as same as Wehrmacht. But they will take a 6-round magazine missile launcher. and also, a MP7 submachine gun for close-range combating. "Schwarzer Flagge" One centurion is transported by one troop carrier. And those troop carrier will serve as the shield of the troops. Equipments are just like the Wehrmacht, but with better quality. Assault weapon is H&K416 Shotgun is H&K CAWS Light Machine guns are MG4 and MG5 Heavy Machine gun is M134 mini-gun (The only weapon not made by H&K) Sniper Rifle is SL9 To the centurions with "Taiyou" symbol, their assault weapon is Howa 20-shiki. Armored vehicles There is a special vehicle for the "Schwarzer Flagge" army. The vehicle can convert into a bulletproof bunker in the frontline. Tracked vehicle like tanks and rocket launchers are very important part in Heinrich Chueng's army. Some of the vehicles are quadruped or hexapod. They are used in the missions in the places with the complex landscapes. Personality & Behaviour To the Cap.png Capitalists, Heinrich-Cheungism is often polite, because he considers them to be business partners, (this includes anarchist capitalist Polcompballs). He also gets along with the Fash.png Fascists (Including Pinochet.png Pinochetism, though he is not a Fascist). Because Heinrich-Cheungism considers them as the good partners to throw those Communism.pngcommies out of strategic bombers. He's depicted with a slight Cball-Germany.png German accent, however, his grammar is accurate. He hardly satirises the other ideologies. Sometimes, Heinrich-Cheungism may have unstable emotions, and lack his usual articulation. He always hangs out with Anarchoanimegirlism.png Anarcho-Animegirlism, and he always claims that his favourite offspring is Heinair.png Heinrich-Airisuism (Not now, man!) He is a Nihil.png Nihilist to some extent. (Moderate Nihilist, I swear! - Nazcaptransh.png) He loves Anslepball.png Sleeping. He is a Narcissist. (IRL - Nazcaptransh.png) How to draw: Normal Ball form As same as Nazcapf.png National Capitalism, but replace one of his eyes with a Robot eye(Change his left eye to robotic eye is better). Give him a Nazi hat. (Optional) Draw an Assault Rifle G36C with him. You are done! Monarchist Ball form Draw a Showa.png Showa Statism ball. Replace its white part to gold. Replace its red part to white. Replace his left eye to cyborg eye. Add a Kanmuri to his head You are done! Reichtangle form Draw a Burgsys-rectangle.pngBurgundian System tangle Don't draw the purple eyes, draw the normal eyes instead, but replace his left eyes to the cyborg eyes. Replace its black part gold Draw the icon of Nazcapf.png National Capitalism You are done! Reichtangle Monarchist form Draw a Normal Tangle (With Eyes) Draw the icon of Showa.png Showa Statism Replace its white part to gold. Replace its red part to white. Add a Kanmuri to his head You are done!

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